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LEGACY SNAPSHOT: Atomate Information Feeds

Help with Entry pages

ex-entryAn Entry page (illustrated right), rather obviously, displays an Entry.

If the word "Entry" is unfamiliar in this context, please have a read of the Introduction to Feeds & Entries help page before proceeding.

Page layout and icons

The layout and features of both Feed and Entry pages are pretty well identical. In default Atomate style the page is of a fixed width with a border, a header panel above the body of the page, and a small set of icons at the top and bottom of the page.

topiconsThis cluster of icons at the top-right of the page consists of:

feedback ... a link to the feedback page, comments will be emailed to the author

helpicon ... a link to a help page with information relevant to this page

closeicon ... a link to close this page and return to previous, like the browsers Back button

Below these icons is the Feed header panel. This panel identifies the Feed to which the Entry belongs. The Feed's "ident" is the combination of it's Title and Subtitle, the text and background colours and the image used as a logo. The header also incorporates the Entry's tags or categories.

After the header there is the body of the page. Unlike Feeds there is no "last updated" indication at the top of the page, but it does occur at the bottom of the page.

In the body's top-right is the Authoring icon, actually one of a set of two that reflect the authoring state:

authicon ... the Authoring icon indicates you are on a non-editable html page representation of the Entry. Clicking it will check your authorisation for the Entry. If you are checked ok you will see the editable page representation. If you are not authorised you'll see an error message page.

editicon ... the Edit Entry icon means you have moved on to the editable representation of the Entry. This editable page version may appear the same as the previous page. Clicking the Edit Entry icon will pop-up the editor window for the editing of an existing Entry.

The actual content of the body is described in the next section.

At the bottom of the page on the left is the Feed Subscribe icon that links to an ATOM syndication Feed (if one is generated). This is followed by an indication as to what the page is and it's address on the ATOM server. Being an Entry the indicator will read, either "Entry" or "Entry/html", depending on the page's authoring state, editable and non-editable respectively.

boticonsThere is a three icon cluster at the bottom-right of the page.

authicon ... a convenient duplication of the Authoring icon and link (may be editicon)

refreshicon ... a link to refresh or reload the page, useful after editing to see the updates

closeicon ... a duplicate link to close the page and go Back (like browser's Back button)

Authoring an Entry

There is a help page specifically covering "Authoring New content". The editing of an existing Entry is accomplished by invoking an Editor window by clicking the Edit icon (editicon), which may not appear until the Authoring icon (editicon) has been clicked.

For creating new Entries you need to be on a Feed page, please see the "Help with Feed pages" and "Authoring New content".

Entry page content

The Entry page body, starts with the Entry's Title and is generally followed by the Entry's Content. In some circumstances the Entry's Summary may appear above the Content, it will usually be styled so as to differentiate it from the Content.

Images may appear in the Content (or the Summary). If the Entry has an image with the "panel" attribute, that image is displayed as a background at the top of the Entry.

The content may also contain links both to external pages and within the current page.

If the Entry has any Link-related elements, these are likely to appear in a panel after the main content, probably labelled "Related links:". Feeds and their Entries have an Atomate type that may modify the display position of certain elements. Specifically the Related-links element may float to the top of the content, or appear in a panel at the top and to right of the content.

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